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New album
"Die Fremde"

I am very happy and excited to share the news that I just recorded my first CD: "Die Fremde" - with only Dutch and German compositions.


I recorded one Solo piece and together with Martien Maas and Toon IJzerman repertoire for Alto Saxophone and Piano and Tenor Saxophone and Harmonium.


The CD will be released later this year by the 7 Mountain Records label by Frerik de Jong.

We recorded music by Hans Kox, Henk Badings, Erwin Dressel, Andreas van Zoelen and a brand-new composition by the German composer Leonard Küßner.

News coming soon!

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I am so happy to finally share the great news that Leonard Küßner, German composer and a very good friend of mine, wrote a beautiful piece for Alto Saxophone and Piano earlier this year!

For me, it'll be a very important part of my new CD, which we recorded, together with Martien Maas and Frerik de Jong, last month.

And as Frerik said so fittingly during our recording sessions in Schiedam: "How special is it, when such a good friend of you, dedicates such a beautiful piece to you"

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